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South Korea Events

South Korea Upcoming Events

The major upcoming events are below including how to book tickets for each event:

23 March 2019.  Jindo Sea Parting Festival.

Visit Jindo Island to watch the sea open up to reveal a 2.9km pathway from shore to island.  You can walk all the way to Modo Island and take amazing photos.  Additional activities include gathering abalones, watching performance and much more.  This tour is available departing and returning from either Seoul or Busan.  Click here to book through either Trazy or Klook.

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Double tatp if you love this "Moses Miracle"Beach!❤❤ #JindoMysteriousSeaRoute @blendinkorea . Jindo Island is made up of 250 smaller islands, and it is famous for the appearance of a dry road in the middle of the sea, near the end of February and mid June of the lunar calendar. As it resembles a passage in the Old Testament in the Book of Exodus, the event is called “The Miracle of Moses”. When the water recedes, a road about 30-40 meter wide and 2.8 km long appears, which stays for about an hour before being submerged again. . . . Follow us on @blendinkorea 👌and thanks for give us ♥ =========================== "Blend with Locals, Better Experience Beyond Common" Go on trip & book now! Email 📩: ======================= #blendinkorea#biktour#blendinkoreatour#visitblendinkorea#visitkorea #instakorea#amazingkorea#explorekorea#amazingdestination#localofkorea#beautifulbeach#amazingbeach#jindobeach #koreafestivals#summerfestival#koreabeach#mosesmiraclel#familytrip#familytripinkorea#summertrip#summervacation#summerkorea

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Until 31 March 2019.  Lights Festival Garden of Morning Calm in Gapyeong

The amazing Garden of Morning Calm has an illumination festival running until 31 March 2019.  Click here for further details.

27-28 April 2019.  Hiphopplaya Festival 2019

Dive into South Korea’s largest representational outdoor hip hop festival — Hiphopplaya Festival over 27-28 April 2019!
Grab your discounted tickets through Klook as soon as possible, on sale for only 5 limited days. Enjoy the perfect lineup of the established, trending, and up-and-coming South Korean hip hop talents. Click below to check out the details and make your booking through Klook.

Click here to Book Your Hiphopplaya Festival 2019 tickets through Klook

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29-30 June 2019.  5TARDIUM 2019 EDM Festival – get 32% off with Earlybird Tickets!

Celebrating its 6th anniversary, 5TARDIUM 2019 has announced a stacked lineup with world-class EDM artists.  Famous DJs such as Illenium, Markus Schultz, Darren Styles, i_o and other artists are already confirmed DJs ready to put on a jaw-dropping experience.

Click here to Book Your 5TARDIUM EDM Festival 2019 tickets through Trazy

Featured South Korea Tours and Tickets

South Korea Spring Festivals!

South Korea holds a multitude of spring festivals across the country.  You may not be aware that South Korea is also a big cherry blossom destination!

Here is the selection of the most popular options on offer.  You can book some great packages through either Trazy or Klook which include transport to and from each event from either Seoul or Busan or both locations – check each tour carefully to confirm the departure and return points.

March 2019.  Gwangyang Maehwa & Gurye Sansuyu (Cherry Blossom and Plum Blossom) Festival.

There are a selection of different tour packages available for the Gwangyang Maehwa and Gurye Sansuyu Cherry Blossom and Plum Blossom Festivals which are detailed below.  Here is a link with further information about the festival experience.

29 March – 7 April 2019.  Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival.

The Jinhae Gunhangje Festival is Korea’s biggest spring festival which is located a short distance west from Busan which usually attracts around 2 million visitors!  There are a few different day tour options as follows, all of them include visits to Jinhae, Yeojwacheon Stream and Gyeonghwa Station cherry blossom viewing areas, as well as a large selection of cultural shows and activities.

Check out this article to see all of the different options on offer during the festival, and check out this article to read about the authors personal experience visiting the festival.

  • One day Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival tour from either Seoul or Busan.  Click here to book through either Trazy (Seoul or Busan departure) or Klook (from Busan or Seoul).
  • Evening Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival tour from Busan, including Yeojwacheon Stream Starlight Festival.  Available 28 March – 10 April 2019.  Click here to book through either Trazy or Klook.
  • Trazy also offers an option to visit both the Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival and Busan Daejeo Ecological Park from Busan to see the 3.3km pink cherry blossom tunnel along the Nakdongganag River.  Click here to book through Trazy
  • Klook also has a separate tour option from Seoul using a tour bus where you can choose either a standard or VIP Package.  Click here to check out the details and book through Klook.

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6-16 April 2019.  Peak Cherry Blossom Season in Seoul

Over mid April will be peak cherry blossom season in Seoul.

Klook has on offer a Cherry Blossom Chasing Day Tour for Seoul which includes visits to three cherry blossom locations and a traditional lunch.  Click here to check out the details and book through Klook.

14 April – 12 May 2019.  Taean Tulip Festival and Strawberry Farm.

The Taean Tulip Festival is one of the top 5 tulip festivals in the world.  This great tour enables you to visit the Taean Tulip Festival from Seoul, and also stop in to pick strawberries. Click here to read more about the Taean Tulip Festival.

30 March – 8 April 2019.  Gyeongju Cherry Blossom Festival.

The Gyeongju Cherry Blossom Festival is one of the top cherry blossom festivals in South Korea, and is located one hour drive north from Busan.  As well as exploring the lovely streets full of cherry blossoms, you can also enjoy traditional food and market stalls, as well as music performances, Korean arts and crafts.

  • Trazy has two different tour options departing from either Seoul over 1-5 April 2019 or Busan from 30 March to 8 April 2019.  Click here to book through Trazy from either Seoul or Busan.
  • Klook has a day tour option from Busan only, which is available over 30 March to 8 April 2019.  Click here to book through Klook from Busan.

13 & 15 April 2019.  Ever Cherry Blossom Festival & Everland One Day Tour.

Everland Theme Park also offers a great cherry blossom experience and festival close to Seoul – where you can also go on the rides and explore the theme park!  Click here to book through Trazy.

2-6 May 2019.  Boseong Green Tea Festival.

The Boseong Green Tea Festival will be held over 2-6 May 2019.  The Boseong Tea Plantation was listed on “31 Beautiful Sights on This Incredible Planet” by CNN!  Learn everything you ever wanted to know about how green tea is made, and enjoy the festival performances.

You can book this one day tour package from either Seoul or Busan for departures only on 3 May 2019.  Click here to book through either Trazy (Seoul/Busan departure) or Klook (Seoul departure and Busan departure).

Top South Korea Travel Deals This Week

Voyagin Sakura Spring Promotion

Voyagin is currently running their Sakura Spring promotion to celebrate the upcoming cherry blossom season from 11 February to 31 March 2019 with the following coupon code discounts, note that this deal does not include discounts on Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo Disneysea tickets or Japan Rail Passes:

  • Spend $US 150, Save $US 10, use coupon code`SakuraSpring10`
  • Spend $US 300, Save $US 25, use coupon code `SakuraSpring25`
  • Spend $US 450, Save $US 40, use coupon code `SakuraSpring40`

To see a great range of popular purchase options through Voyagin to take advantage of this sale I suggest you check out the Voyagin Tours and Tickets for South Korea at this linkoptions include theme parks, shows, Discover Seoul Passes and much more!

Top Articles This Week From the Facebook Group

Planning A Trip To Korea? Top Korean Travel Tips by Pretraveller

If you are reading this article you have probably already booked your flights to South Korea and are now entering the final stages of planning your trip. For some of you this may be three to six months before you fly out and for others you may be departing in less than a week. This stage gets very exciting as you draw closer and closer to your departure date.

When we started the first version of this article (four weeks before flying to Seoul), our youngest child was so excited that he started a countdown on our family calendar.

Our goal with any article we write is to make the travel planning process easy and fun. Our tips for travelling to South Korea are useful for all travellers, regardless of whether you are backpacking, travelling solo, mid level or luxury. Check it out to make sure you are ready to depart and you can focus on having an enjoyable trip that you will remember fondly forever.  Click here to read more…

Planning a Trip to Korea? Top Korean Travel Tips

29 Best Chocolate Shops in Seoul, South Korea: A Local’s Guide by Dame Cacao

Korea’s certainly not the first place you think of visiting when you dream of rich, melty chocolate, but it should come to mind. I’ve lived and worked here for two-and-a-half years now, sometimes even making chocolates at home. But occasionally I just need a break from the monotony of rice-based Korean sweets & saccharine K-Pop music in my town.

So when a trip to Jeju is out of reach, I head to Seoul to eat someone else’s homemade chocolate. Beyond the traditional European imports and cheap sweets, Seoul’s variety of fine foods and chocolates is immense. French-trained chocolatiers and self-taught chocolate makers are carving out reputations for themselves throughout Korea. For example, a duo of Korean-Venezuelan brothers in central Seoul.  Click here to read more…

What to do in Insadong, South Korea:  A Seoul Travel Guide by Television of Nomads

Since Seoul is the largest city in South Korea, any kind of Seoul travel guide can easily overwhelm you with the best kind of problem—having too much to choose from! Of course we’ve found this problem across Korea—from the glorious beaches of Jeju (including this immaculate Hidden Beach of Jeju Island), the colorful mountains of Daedunsan and Hallasan, the largest theme park in the country, Everland Korea, and so many romantic spots we’ve lost count.

Indeed, our time teaching English abroad in Korea has exposed us to the country’s wonderful sights and activities, but for specifically Seoul travel, Insadong has our hearts. A wonderful place to experience Korean culture, Insadong is home to numerous art galleries on its twisting hidden streets. The Seoul neighborhood of Insadong makes a perfect blend of Korean culture old and new, and can delight visitors young and old. But here’s the ultimate Seoul travel question: what to do in Insadong? Don’t worry, we got you!

Here is our Seoul travel guide with some fun ideas for what to do in Insadong!  Click here to read more…

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