South Korea Public Holidays in 2024

Below is a summary of the Korean National Holidays in 2024, with links to help you learn more about the background behind each public holiday.

South Korea is unusual compared with most other Asian countries, as New Year’s Day and Christmas Day are actually Public Holidays.

Public Holiday2024
New Year’s Day1 Jan 24
Seollal (Lunar New Year)9-11 Feb 24
March 1st Movement Day1 Mar 24
Children’s Day5 May 24
Buddha’s Birthday15 May 24
Memorial Day6 Jun 24
Liberation Day15 Aug 24
Chuseok Day (Autumn Equinox) (Korean Thanksgiving Day)16-18 Sep 24
National Foundation Day3 Oct 24
Hangeul Day (Invention of Korean Alphabet)9 Oct 24
Christmas Day24 Dec 24
South Korea Public Holidays

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