Jeju Island Travel Guide

Jeju Island is one of the most popular destinations in South Korea, with a population of around 700,000 people. Jeju Island is the largest island in South Korea and is located 90km / 56 mi south of Wando in the Korean Strait. Jeju Island has an oval shape, and measures 73km / 45 mi west to east and 31 km / 19 mi north to south. Hallasan Mountain is a dormant volcano which sits in the centre of the island and is the tallest mountain on the island with a height of 1947m (6,398 ft).

Jeju Island is accessible via Jeju Island International Airport (Airport code CJU), which is located in Jeju City, the largest city on Jeju Island located on the mid northern side of the island. There are also many domestic flight options to enable you to easily get around South Korea.

Jeju Island can also be accessed by ferry from Seoul (Incheon), Busan, Mokpo, Nokdong or Yeosu. Many cruise lines also have the option to visit Jeju Island for a day.

Aerial View of Seongsan Ilchulbong with Mt Hallasan in the background on Jeju Island
Aerial View of Seongsan Ilchulbong with Mt Hallasan in the background on Jeju Island

Jeju Island has a large range of activities and attractions, including UNESCO World Heritage Listed attractions, Korean Heritage, markets, many beautiful beaches, coastal attractions and many fun man-made attractions and museums. There is also overall great food culture and much more to explore.

For visitors, there are many hotel options ranging from luxury, mid level and budget options.

Jeju Island Attractions

Jeju Island has many great places to visit and things to do, so read more about them in our articles below.

How to Get Around Jeju Island

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