Top 8 Places to Visit in South Korea for Tourists

Places to Visit in South Korea

When you start planning your visit, a common question where are the best places to visit in South Korea, to enable you to start planning your itinerary. Here are our top picks with an overview of what to do and see in each location. Our top picks are as follows – learn more about each … Read more

What to do in Gapyeong (near Nami Island)

The beautiful entrance to the Garden of Morning Calm

Near Nami Island in Gapyeong there are some great additional attractions and activities to visit, so ensure you check them out before planning your visit and decide which ones you are interested in.  The most popular attractions near Nami Island include the following, with more details about one each provided further down in this article. … Read more

What to Do on Nami Island

Welcome to Nami Island Map

Nami Island (otherwise known as Naminara or Namiseom) is quite a large island which is covered with beautiful chestnut and poplar trees and has many art and recreation activities.  There are also many famous K-drama TV shows which have been filmed on the island.  You can visit Nami Island all year round, with amazing cherry … Read more