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We are Anne and Tony Sutherland-Smith from Australia, travel bloggers at Pretraveller. We loved visiting South Korea as a family, and we subsequently decided to start writing articles to help other plan their trips to South Korea. We have also set up the South Korea Travel Planning Facebook Group which has grown quickly – and is a great way to help people plan their trips!

We look forward to helping you plan your visit to South Korea.  We’ll help you visit all of the sights and have a great time!

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Anne and Tony.

Getting ready to start our Gapyeong Rail Park Experience near Nami Island
Getting ready to start our Gapyeong Rail Park Experience near Nami Island

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You are also welcome to join our South Korea Travel Planning Facebook Group – it is a great resource to enable you to ask questions about your upcoming trip to South Korea!

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Challenges Travelling in South Korea

Even with being experienced travellers and all of the research we had done for our first visit we were still caught out by many aspects of travelling in South Korea.

Not being speakers of the Korean language, we found the following:

  • Learning how to use the public transport system was difficult, as you cannot use Google Maps in South Korea, plus the local map apps (KakaoMap and Naver) are not as intuitive as Google Maps. We literally spent hours trying to work out how to get around using public transport and working out how to book our tickets!
  • Internet resources for South Korea were often mechanically translated to English, which meant that they were difficult to understand and we were regularly left with more questions we could not answer…
  • We had not been able to do good homework on what to expect for Korean public holidays – and as a result probably had one of our worst days out to a theme park EVER due to the crowds, and the fact that we had not been able to work out how to purchase skip the queue passes…
  • We had to miss out on visiting Busan due to a typhoon passing through – but actually then spent more time exploring Seoul which we really enjoyed! And we plan to visit Busan on a future trip…

We also managed to do some things right!

  • We visited the Jinju Lantern Festival, and loved visiting a smaller town, the festival was lots of fun and our children really loved the local food scene and our very unique accommodation (image a penthouse with its own large warm swimming pool inside!)
  • We really enjoyed trying out a traditional hanok stay in Gyeongju, and seeing the difference with a traditional Japanese ryokan.
  • It was great to just immerse and try so many different local food options – we visited the Noryangjin Fish Market in Seoul and loved it, tried cheese rice in Myeongdong (yum but so not healthy…), Korean BBQ and Fried Chicken. And so much more!
Tony getting up close and personal with a lobster at Noryangjin Fish Market in Seoul, South Korea
Tony getting up close and personal with a lobster at Noryangjin Fish Market in Seoul, South Korea

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